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First Healthy Coffee Non Acidic, 150 Antioxidants gano coffee products gano excel wholesale gano cafe  Gano Excel Coffee Selections
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 Tongkat Ali Coffee Natural Sexual Health Beverages Tongkat Ali Coffee Natural Sexual Health Beverages
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First Healthy Coffee Non Acidic, 150 Antioxidants gano coffee products gano excel wholesale gano cafe  Ganoderma Classic Black
buy Gano Cafe 3in1 Coffee Ganocafe 3in1
 Order Gano Schokolade is a rich, all natural Swiss chocolate uniquely blended with Ganoderma Lucidum extract, and powdered skimmed milk. And the sweetest part is that it includes the more than 200 trace nutrients from the rich Red Mushroom to make an energy drink that can truly "shake up your" day. What's more, Gano Schokolade is so versatile that you can mix it with hot water, serve it cold...or blend it with milk (or soy milk) into shakes and energy drinks...and it still tastes terrific! Ganoderma Schokolade Chocolate
 Tongkat Ali Coffee Natural Sexual Health Beverages Ganoderma Red Rooibos Tea
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Best coffee best prices for the enriched chocolate flavored mochas and pure healthy chocolate beverages: inexpensive and very affordable ganocafe 3in1, gano classic and the Spiralina oats Gano C'real Spirulina Oats in Beauty Health, High fiber! High protein! You can't find that in many foods. But Gano Excel has co-created it, using three of the healthiest foods on this planet Health Personal Care, Vitamins Dietary Supplements, gifts and merchandise at Beyond Perfection and the Ingredients: Oats, Sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer (Glucose, Corn Syrup Solids, Palm Kernel Oil, Sodium Caseinate (from Milk), Potassium Phosphate, Sodium are amazing: since joining Gano Excel in the last 6 yrs my overall health has improved: i sleep better, my food is digesting at higher levels, the mind clarity after taking two capsules of pure reishi ganoderma extracts ar potent.

Thanks Again from June Hopkins New York New York.

Gano Excel insures everyone the opportunity to stay fit and trim while adopting the concepts in Healthy Eating and maximizing nutrition in your meals is the secret to your healthy and natural weight loss, fighting lifestyle diseases, and keeping your family strong all year round," also granting a healthy diet in larger amounts of nutrients that help improve healthy hair healthy skin and healthy vitamin intake using less carbohydrates, and consuming larger amounts of pure healthy protein supplements found in the teas and ganocafe coffees from Gano Excel Spanish America.

Need more reasons take ganoderma products? how about the facts on clean Carbohydrates as they play a major role in supplying energy to the body and maintaining normal blood glucose levels.

Eat more Whole grains and cereals provide the highest concentration of carbohydrates, which are also present in fruits, vegetables, and dairy products," cellulose is a fiber important to regular bowel movements and may reduce our risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and colon cancer.

Gano Excel Business Opportunity Maketing Healthy Coffee Products and Direct Sales Online:- Acid Reduced Coffee - Ganocafe, Non Acidic Coffee with Ganoderma Medicinal Herbs Gano Coffee


 pH alkaline coffee and medicinal herbs that stop acid stomach

We’ve blogged to you before about how you can give a huge boost to your Gano Excel business by hosting a “Coffee Break.”  A coffee break is a small to medium sized gathering usually hosted in your home, where you can introduce friends, family, and acquaintances to the Gano Excel Opportunity.  When executed properly, a Coffee Break can be a fun, low pressure, extremely productiveway to grow your team.

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check out this video; our leaders are awesome!!

It goes without saying that the most important part of your Coffee Break is the coffee.  First off, you need to make sure that you have more than enough of it on hand to serve everyone at your party.  You’ll also need to pick up all of the supplies that you’ll need to serve the coffee, such as cups, sugar, creamers, and stirrers.  But perhaps most important of all, you also need a quick, easy, surefire way of mixing together a lot of coffee and keeping it warm.

Enter the Pump Pot.  Pump Pots are thermos like containers that allow the guests at your Coffee Break to serve themselves by pumping out a delicious hot serving of one our GanoCafé beverages.  A common question that we’ve been asked about conducting a Coffee Break is; “what is the correct way to mix GanoCafé products in my pump pots?” After consulting some of our resident experts, here is what we found out:

A standard size Pump Pot holds approximately 3.8 Liters of hot water.  The following are the appropriate ratios for great tasting sampling with a 3.8 Liter Pump Pot:

  • GanoCafé Classic: 14 Sachets
  • GanoCafé 3-in-1, Tongkat-Ali, Mocha, Rooibos Tea, Schokolade: 17 Sachets

So now that you’re armed with a great coffee delivery system, the time to start planning your event is now! Get “Pumped Up” for your next Coffee Break!

If you need some more ideas to get you going, we’ve got a great “Create Your Own Coffee Break” brochure available for purchase in the Back Office.

Even in the age of social media, viral video, and the ubiquitous Facebook “Like,” there's still no beating old-fashioned “bellybutton-to-bellybutton” marketing. This is especially true with a social product like Gano Excel – who doesn't love sharing coffee, tea, or cocoa with friends? One of the best ways to introduce people to Gano Excel is through a home Coffee Break: a small, informal gathering of friends that can lead to maximum results for your business!

Intimidated by the idea of hosting a Coffee Break in your home? We're here to help! At first, having to present “in person” may seem scary, but it's really very simple. With solid planning and attention to detail, you can pull-off a no-hassle Coffee Break in no time!

Here are 5 sure-fire tips for hosting a great Gano Excel Coffee Break:

  1. STAY STOCKED! Before your Gano Excel Coffee Break, make sure to make a “check list” of items you'll need. You'll want to have plenty of product on hand, easy access to Affiliate sign-up forms, and (of course) all of your printed marketing collateral (magazines, business cards, banners, brochures, etc.), all of which are available from Gano Coffee Being well-stocked means you can focus on your presentation, not whether you'll run out of sign-up forms or sachets of Tongkat!
  2. DON'T GO OVERBOARD! It's great if you want to cook for your guests, but don't stress yourself out planning a 5-star Top Chef-worthy menu! Remember: the priorities of a Gano Excel Coffee Break are the product, your presentation, and the opportunity. Restrict your food to no-mess “snacks,” not a full-out meal!
  3. SET THE SCENE! Pay special attention to what space you want your prospects to enter. Do you want them sitting in a circle, or in rows like a classroom? Do you want to eliminate the chairs altogether and give your Gano Excel Coffee Break a more casual, cocktail party-like feel – people chatting and mingling? Where should the TV be for viewing videos? No one can make these decisions but you: you have to determine how you want to “set the scene” for your prospects, and what will make you feel the most comfortable!
  4. SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! Yeah, we know – it's usually “don't sweat the small stuff,” but in this case the details matter! Seemingly silly things can become a major pain in the neck if not taken care of properly. For instance, do you have enough hot water on hand? Did you buy two or three packs of disposable cups? Do you have a back-up monitor if your computer suddenly goes on the fritz? What will you do if your Powerpoint won't load? Is your dog going to bark the whole time with a house full of unfamiliar people? The “small stuff” can make or break any presentation: by asking yourself all these questions before the Gano Excel Coffee Break and developing a contingency plan, you can avoid the hassle and stress of having to “improvise” your way out of a sticky situation!
  5. BE POSITIVE – YOU CAN DO IT! The most important thing to remember is, “If all these other people can do it, so can I!” Don't be afraid to share this product as you mingle with guests at your Gano Excel Coffee Break; you know it's great, and your conviction will shine through! A confident, positive attitude is the key to success – at a Coffee Break and in life!

Still worried? Well, in addition to all of the presentations and great resources availalbe at Gano Coffee and MyGanoTool, we've got a "Create Your Own Gano Excel Coffee Break" brochure available for purchase through the back office. The Brochure has even more tips on how to make your "Gano Excel Coffee Break" a success!

Here's a challenge for your Team: dedicate to hosting one Gano Excel Coffee Break every month. Rotate through your Team Members, choosing a different person's home as the location each time.

Ganoderma coffee is potent in richly grown organic herbs from Malaysia

much like the use of alkaline water, it reads the bodies of acid, the acidic stage in your digestion can cause the human body to bloat, because of being acidic foods, the body bloats, reason being your red blood cells absorb the caffeine, soon after hours later to pH level declines, causing acid reflux and bloating.



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Ganocafe Mocha with ganoderma Extract

Gano Mocha Chocolate
Ganocafe Mocha with ganoderma Extract
Black Ganocafe
Ganocafe Classic Black Coffee Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 Sachet (3g)
Serving Per Container 30

Amount Per Serving

Calories 10

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 0g


Sodium 0mg


Carbohydrates 2g




Reishi Extracts <1400 mg
Pure Ganoderma  
Minerals 70%
Mushroom Extracts 100%

Not a significant source of calories from fat, saturated fat, transfat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, sugars, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron

* Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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Ingredients: Coffee and Ganoderma Lucidum Extract. This information has not been reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ganocafe Testimonials

Awesome java beverage ever tasted since starbucks," i cant believe how rich and robust flavors reishi coffle's are," from start to finish ganocafe coffee holds a bold rich flavor," the mushrooms you don't know is their," just wait until you feel mind clarity peaking at high levels," i personally drink one sachet of gano classic black in the morning and one sachet of the gano mocha for noon lunch time, then in the evening for that special moment for a really good time with my hubby at peal levels male enhancement ," i drink the libido coffee with tong kat ali red ginseng caffeine lowered reduced acid,"

Tom Hanks - Buffalo NY... Thank you very much

Brilliant coffee ideas for us that need to change bad caffeine addiction habits immediately," with ganocafe black and gano 3in1 im ready for the real world," people i know are saying thinks i never thought possible," looking bright and clear, more energy, more vitality," moreover ordering ganocafe on autoship makes it a guarantee i get my daily fix of alternative coffee with a lingzhi herbal," im saving money each month paying less and getting more for my money," great products great company - Gano Excel USA is a great place to do online purchasing with a friendly staff," especially Rodney and Renee," front desk support team,
- Blessings and greeting from Cleveland Ohio - Lebron James

Since the inflammation zone diet kicked off in 2001," the Oprah Winfrey indorsed Pharmaceutical supplements and natural herbals as a alternative diet products that saves thousands of lives each yr," moreover health, beauty, thanks to Dr Barry Sears," im proud to announce his dietary advise as a key nutrition regimen people should incorporate in a daily diet," You'll find more details and in for at The Oprah Winfrey Show, Magazine

Robert Knight Los Angeles CA

Ganocafe Mocha with ganoderma Extract: Ingredients

Ingredients: Coffee, Sugar, Cocoa, Non-Dairy Creamer

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